South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan

South African Chamber of commerce in japan

2020/2022 Election of Directors - Nominations


The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to seven (7) members, who are elected by the Members of the SACCJ and who serve a two-year term.  

The term of the current Directors will end on 31 March 2020, and a new Board will be elected for the 2020-2022 term.  

Directors must be either Corporate, Associate or Individual Members of the SACCJ.  Directors may be re-elected.

Ÿ   The Board of Directors’ mandate is to further the SACCJ’s mission, directing the business affairs of the Chamber, determining its policies and priorities and overseeing the management of the Chamber including operating budgets, to ensure that the Chamber is managed to deliver value for its Members and maintain financial stability.

Ÿ   Directors of the SACCJ also undertake outreach to new and potentially beneficial members to the current SACCJ membership, and act as representatives of the Chamber at SACCJ and other events.

Ÿ   Prospective Directors come from all walks of life and bring varied experience to the Chamber Board. All Directors share an interest in the relationship between South Africa and Japan and a desire to help the Chamber reach its objectives.

Ÿ   In principle, the Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis, and Directors shall attend a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of scheduled meetings either in person or by electronic means.

 Nomination received for director 

Annemarie Luck  

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Annemarie is an editor who launched her career in magazine publishing in Cape Town before moving to Tokyo in 2013. She currently works as the editorial director of Tokyo Weekender and its publishing company, Engawa. She is still deeply tied to South Africa and is excited about the opportunity to share her love for her home with the Japanese community, and to help forge stronger connections between the two countries.

NOminations received for deputy director  

Harrison “Chain” Hlabane

Born and raised in Benoni, South Africa, I am an academic, journalist and a business person, previously worked for the Star newspaper, Jacaranda FM, CTB Media (television network in Beppu), I am currently employed at SBT Japan in the Global Office Management division responsible for Global HR and BOP of 32 branch offices overseas.   I am also a Director at BootCulture Sports Diplomacy Institute, South Africa, and also a Director at Sixgunsally PTY LTD, an event management company in South Africa.

I have been in Japan since 2004, and through the activities of my graduate studies and subsequent profession, I had and still continue to have the opportunity to travel back and forth between Japan and South Africa promoting people to people exchanges, journalist exchanges, education and dialogue between the two countries. I am passionate about forging closer relations between Japan and South Africa, and always taking the opportunity to promote the cultures of both countries whenever possible. My ultimate goal is to serve as a bridge between Japan and South Africa.


The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established in 2008 to promote trade and commerce as well as enhance friendship and cultural understanding between the two nations. The SACCJ strives to be a reliable first point of contact for businesses and individuals related to South Africa in Japan, and to provide our members with access to a wealth of information and contacts to assist in their projects, ventures and businesses.


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