South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan

South African Chamber of commerce in japan

2020/2022 Election of Directors - Nominations


The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to seven (7) members, who are elected by the Members of the SACCJ and who serve a two-year term.  

The term of the current Directors will end on 31 March 2020, and a new Board will be elected for the 2020-2022 term.  

Directors must be either Corporate, Associate or Individual Members of the SACCJ.  Directors may be re-elected.

Ÿ   The Board of Directors’ mandate is to further the SACCJ’s mission, directing the business affairs of the Chamber, determining its policies and priorities and overseeing the management of the Chamber including operating budgets, to ensure that the Chamber is managed to deliver value for its Members and maintain financial stability.

Ÿ   Directors of the SACCJ also undertake outreach to new and potentially beneficial members to the current SACCJ membership, and act as representatives of the Chamber at SACCJ and other events.

Ÿ   Prospective Directors come from all walks of life and bring varied experience to the Chamber Board. All Directors share an interest in the relationship between South Africa and Japan and a desire to help the Chamber reach its objectives.

Ÿ   In principle, the Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis, and Directors shall attend a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of scheduled meetings either in person or by electronic means.

NOminations received for re-election 

Jaco Minnaar

Jaco Minnaar is the Chairman for SACCJ board and seeking re-election in 2020/2022.

Jaco is originally from South Africa but living in Japan for 15 years.  He oversees the Talent Acquisition function at JPMorgan.   Jaco has been an active member of the SACCJ for about a decade and a member of the Board for 8 years. He has been the Chairperson for the last 6 years.  Jaco is passionate about building ties between Japan and South Africa.  He is again ready to commit to another two years to the Chamber, aiming to further grow the organisation, and aims to deepen engagements between SA and Japan through promoting SA in Japan in business, travel and sport.

Francois de Villiers      

I have held a seat on the SACCJ board as a Vice Chairperson for one term and I running again for the 2020-2022 term. The experience so far has been rewarding and has given me a chance to realize the value the SACCJ brings to its members and South Africans working in Japan. If re-elected I will commit myself to increase our membership and presence in Japan through maximizing our events portfolio and activities. Looking forward to being of service to you all.

Simon Farrell

I am one of two SACCJ Vice Chairs and I’m seeking re-election for a second term. I will aim to help grow the membership and deliver or improve benefits through the Olympics, regular events, meetings, communications, advice, innovation, ideas, networking and the Japan Market Entry Competition.

I was based in Cape Town for about eight years as a reporter for the US, UK and local press and wrote two books: South Africa Chic (2008) and Top Getaways in Southern Africa (2000). My fondest SA memory is meeting Nelson Mandela at Cape Town Press Club in October 1996.

Lungile Christopher Siphambili / Director 

I am a director in SACCJ and a member of Out Of Africa Consulting and NPO Ubuntu. I am standing for election for the 2nd term as a board member in the chamber of commerce. My hope is to bring diversity and inclusiveness in the role the chamber plays in Japan, South Africa and Africa. It is my hope that as a board member the chamber will create opportunities for our members to experience and look beyond just business when it comes to South Africa. All the best.

Francois Keet

I am a director of the SACCJ and I am seeking re-election for a second term.  I will continue supporting with the corporate governance and membership growth of SACCJ.  I believe that the SACCJ, with the support of the South African Embassy, can continue to be a good platform to build a business network between South Africa and Japan.  

I am originally from Port Elizabeth South Africa, a passionate supporter of Springbok rugby, loves South African wine and look forward to meet you at our next SACCJ social networking event.

New NOminations received  

Nico de Wet

I’m 33 years old, love hiking and good red wine! I would like to contribute to the SACCJ by being a constructive voice for young professionals in Japan – not only South Africans, but also other Africans, Japanese and anyone who may have an interest in South Africa. Through this role, I want to help strengthen the SACCJ’s ability to attract and bring a diversity of people together to build warm relationships of trust – for lasting friendships, successful careers, good business and the greater interests of South Africa and Japan.



The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established in 2008 to promote trade and commerce as well as enhance friendship and cultural understanding between the two nations. The SACCJ strives to be a reliable first point of contact for businesses and individuals related to South Africa in Japan, and to provide our members with access to a wealth of information and contacts to assist in their projects, ventures and businesses.


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