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Tax Webinar

  • 9 Nov 2022
  • 16:30
  • Webinar

E-Preservation Act and New Qualified Invoice System


60min Webinar in English and Japanese

November 9, 4.30pm JST, 8.30am CE

Bring your staff members in charge for accounting, book-keeping and invoicing

With the 2021 Japan tax reform of the E-Preservation Act (Act on Book and Record Keeping through Electronic Methods or 電子帳簿保存法) a further step in digitalizing tax related processes has been taken.

The changes will be more fundamental as the possibility to preserve records of so called "electronic transactions" in hard copy format has been abolished from January 2022, with the possibility of a deferred implementation over a period of two years. Accordingly, from 1 January 2024 taxpayers will be obliged to preserve "electronic transactions" in an electromagnetic format, which is accompanied by certain rules and standards for handling and storing information electronically.

Already before, in autumn 2023, a new system of qualified invoicing will be introduced!

This webinar will provide an introduction to the rules for electronic preservation for all types of company records, i.e. accounting books, scanned documents and electronic transactions, and will explore the available tools and measures to stay compliant for preserving records in an electronic format. Additionally, it will deal with the new regulations regarding the qualified invoicing system.

The format of the webinar is a 10-15min English executive summary followed by a 30min Japanese explanation covering details of the new regulations.

The intention for this format is to brief the CEO/CFO, managing director etc. plus go into some more detail for the people actually dealing with the topic practically on a daily basis. So, feel free to have several people of your company attend this webinar.

Details and registration HERE


2021年度税制改正において、電子帳簿保存法(E-Preservation Act)についても改正が行われました。2022年1月より、納税者は税務計算の根拠資料として「電子取引」(electronic transactions)を保存する際に、プリントアウトした紙資料は認められず、一定の条件を満たした上で電子データのまま保存することが求められます。当改正には2年の宥恕期間が設けられていますが、2024年1月以降は、電子データでの保存が必要です。



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