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  • 3 Apr 2020 10:15 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    Dear SACCJ Members,

    Thank you for your ongoing support of the Chamber, even – and especially – during these difficult times.

    I am pleased to report the results of the election for the SACCJ Board of Directors for the 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2022 term.

    We thank those of you who took the time to vote. 34 of 48 members with voting rights, or 71%, cast ballots in the election, exceeding the two-thirds quorum.

    These are the members of your new Board of Directors, in alphabetical order of family name:

    Ÿ   Francois de Villiers (Individual Member, re-elected)

    Ÿ   Nico de Wet (Individual Member, elected)

    Ÿ   Simon Farrell (Individual Member, re-elected)

    Ÿ   Francois Keet (Corporate Member, re-elected)

    Ÿ   Jaco Minnaar (Individual Member, re-elected)

    Ÿ   Lungile Siphambili (Individual Member, re-elected)

    *There were six candidates, which is fewer than the maximum of seven Directors stipulated in the SACCJ Articles of Association. All candidates received more “YES” than “NO” votes and were thus duly elected.

    The new Board of Directors will meet shortly to elect a Chair and two Vice Chairs, and to set the date for the 2020-2021 General Assembly, which is to be held before 31 May 2020. Please look out for upcoming announcements about this.

    Again, we thank you for your support. Please stay safe and stay well.


    Katsura Ogishima


    South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan

  • 25 Mar 2020 08:46 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    Please see the official announcement from the South African government regarding the coronavirus outbreak in South Africa.


  • 24 Mar 2020 11:32 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    Please see the official announcement from the South African government regarding Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Postponed.

    Olympic and Paralympic Games postponed.pdf

  • 21 Mar 2020 00:08 | Francois Keet (Administrator)

    Please find all the nominations for the 2020/2022 Directors for Board of SACCJ

  • 16 Mar 2020 09:46 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)




    SACCJJMEC 共同プロジェクト アンケートのご協力のお願い


    2月17日のメールでお伝えました通り、SACCJは第26回JMEC(Japan Market Expansion Competition)にクライアント団体として参加しております。現在JMECのチームINVICTUSはSACCJのビジネスプランを作成しており、サービス強化、新メンバーの獲得、そしてSACCJ全体のビジネス改善とサステイナブルな発展を実現するために取るべき方向性をまとめています。



    Please submit your survey response by March 22nd




    Please note, your answers to the survey will be available only to the Invictus Team, and not to the SACCJ Board.





  • 16 Mar 2020 09:39 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)




    SACCJJMEC 共同プロジェクト アンケートのご協力のお願い




    SACCJは第26回JMEC(Japan Market Expansion Competition)にクライアント団体として参加しております。現在JMECのチームINVICTUSはSACCJのビジネスプランを作成しており、サービス強化、新メンバーの獲得、そしてSACCJ全体のビジネス改善とサステイナブルな発展の実現の上で取るべき方向性をまとめています。



    Please submit your survey response by March 22nd







    Please note, your answers to the survey will be available only to the Invictus Team, and not to the SACCJ Board.





  • 3 Mar 2020 09:26 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    SACCJ Board of Directors Information & Directors Nomination Form 2020-2022


    The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ) is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of up to seven (7) members, who are elected by the Members of the SACCJ and who serve a two-year term.  

    The term of the current Directors will end on 31 March 2020, and a new Board will be elected for the 2020-2022 term.  

    All Members in good standing are eligible and encouraged to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors for the 2020 - 2022 term. Directors must be either Corporate, Associate or Individual Members of the SACCJ. Directors may be re-elected.

    Ÿ   The Board of Directors’ mandate is to further the SACCJ’s mission, directing the business affairs of the Chamber, determining its policies and priorities and overseeing the management of the Chamber including operating budgets, to ensure that the Chamber is managed to deliver value for its Members and maintain financial stability.

    Ÿ   Directors of the SACCJ also undertake outreach to new and potentially beneficial members to the current SACCJ membership, and act as representatives of the Chamber at SACCJ and other events.

    Ÿ   Prospective Directors come from all walks of life and bring varied experience to the Chamber Board. All Directors share an interest in the relationship between South Africa and Japan and a desire to help the Chamber reach its objectives.

    Ÿ   In principle, the Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis, and Directors shall attend a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of scheduled meetings either in person or by electronic means.

    Nominations for the Board of Directors are now open. Please complete the Nomination form HEREand return to the SACCJ Secretariat at no later than 5PM on Friday, 6 March 2020

  • 3 Mar 2020 09:08 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    (English follows)




    SACCJJMEC 共同プロジェクト へのご協力のお願い

    昨年のSACCJ総会において、今年開催される第26回JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition)SACCJがクライアント団体として参加することが、会員の皆様の多数決により決定いたしました。









     _JMEC26 Program Description.pdf


    Dear SACCJ Members:


    SACCJ JMEC Project: Your Cooperation Requested


    At last year’s General Assembly, the SACCJ membership approved the Chamber becoming a client of the 26th JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition).


    JMEC is a 25-year-old business training program centered on a business plan writing competition. JMEC assigns a team to each of their clients, to create a business plan for them. The teams are trained, mentored and tested by professionals over several months to research and deliver their business plans. JMEC is supported by 18 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan including the SACCJ (please see the attachment for more information).

    The JMEC process has started, and JMEC has stood up a team, “Invictus”, for our project. The Invictus Team is tasked with coming up with a three-year business plan for the SACCJ that will give us direction to strengthen our services to current members, attract new members, and overall strengthen the Chamber and improve its sustainability.


    As part of this work, the Invictus Team will be deploying a survey to all of our Members from around 19 February 2020. I would like to ask for your cooperation in taking part in this survey. Your opinions and insights will be very important for the team to formulate their business plan.


    Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support of this important initiative.

    _JMEC26 Program Description.pdf

    Jaco Minnaar

    SACCJ Chairperson

  • 3 Dec 2019 12:42 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    Kawasaki-city Rugby Football Association will be holding a Rugby event on 14 December at the following location from 12:00. South Africans are welcome to join and play Rugby with the South African Embassy team.

    For details, please contact Kajiya-san, the event organizer, 

    Chester's cup 2019.pdf





    主催: 川崎市ラグビーフットボール協会                                                                                    

    協賛:Seven Oath's, KOTO CORPORATION                                                                                                                                                                                      

    日時: 12月14日(土) 12:00~18:00                                                                                          

    場所: 等々力第一サッカー場(人工芝)                                                                                              



    12:10  第一部チーム受付ブリーフィング                                                                                        

    14:40  第二部チーム受付ブリーフィング                                                                                        











                  谷口かずひと 川尻竜太郎 片桐伸也                                                                             



    ①          一回戦   12:45     ユーグリ              N.FIJI                               

    ②          一回戦   13:10     八王子不惑          曼荼羅ひぐらし                               

    ③          敗者戦   13:35                                                            

                  三位四位表彰式   14:00                                                            

    ④          決勝戦   14:05                                                             

                  優勝準優勝表彰式             14:30                                                            


    *     交流試合(30分枠) 14:35     川崎O'JINZ         南アフリカ大使館&有志                      



    ⑤        一回戦   15:15     クラシックス      川崎キッズヒーローズ                                 

    ⑥          一回戦   15:40     フィーバーズ      エーコンクラブ                              

    ⑦          敗者戦   16:05                                                            

                  三位四位表彰式   16:30                                                            

    ⑧          決勝戦   16:35                                                             

                  優勝準優勝表彰式             17:00                                                            


    17:15 片付け(川崎O'JINZ)                                                                                              

    18:00 完全撤収                                                                                      


    *  引き分けの場合は抽選 *決勝戦が引き分けの場合22m/15mの地点よりゴールキック合戦                                                                                                 

    *    保険対応は各自チームにてお願いいたします。                                                                                                  

    *    大会参加費として1チーム5千円お願い致します。                                         

    *    タッチジャッジについては当該試合にて各チームより選出願います。                                                            

    *    出場資格35歳以上                                                                                                                                                                         

    *    試合メンバーにおいて、白、紺、赤、黄の人数に制限無し、自由。メンバー入れ替え自由。                                                                                              

    *    白パンの選手からの赤パン、白紺パンから黄パンへのタックルは無し(フリーキック)                                                                                           

    *    スクラムはノンコンテスト                                                                                        

    *  ローカルルール以外はIRBルール適用                                                                                                 

    *    ポイント式スパイク着用可能                                                                                    

    *    服装はワールドラグビー規則に準拠                                                                                        

    *    シャワー室は完備しておりますが、全員が一度に入るほどの更衣室がありません。着替えについては青空となりますことご容赦ください。                                                                                          

    *    ~チェスター・ウィリアムズを偲んで~記念Tシャツと記念品を販売致します。数多くの購入をお願い申し上げます。                                                                                             

    *    試合後三ちゃん食堂にてファンクションを行いますので奮ってご参加ください。                                                        

    川崎市ラグビーフットボール協会大会事務局 加治屋/西村                                                     

    川崎市ラグビーフットボール協会 会長 橋本 

  • 28 Nov 2019 16:49 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

    The 2019 SACCJ Year-End Gala Event was held on 14 November at Roppongi Hills Club. We ’d like to extend our thanks to all of you for spending the terrific evening with us. Also, we would like to thank the donators for your generous donation to the Raffle. Hope everybody enjoyed the South African wines and food, the live African entertainment and even the dancing!

    It is through the support of Members that the SACCJ has been able to continue its activities over the past 11 years. We appreciate your continued support of and involvement in the Chamber.





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The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established in 2008 to promote trade and commerce as well as enhance friendship and cultural understanding between the two nations. The SACCJ strives to be a reliable first point of contact for businesses and individuals related to South Africa in Japan, and to provide our members with access to a wealth of information and contacts to assist in their projects, ventures and businesses.



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