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Welcoming the New SACCJ Secretary General

28 Jun 2021 20:47 | Anonymous


The SACCJ would like to convey their deep gratitude to Debbie Chaplin and her time served as the SACCJ Secretary General. During her time in this position, Ms. Chaplin served the SACCJ and its members with distinction. The SACCJ wishes her luck in her future endeavors in South Africa and will always welcome her as a member.

The SACCJ would also like to extend their welcome to the new Secretary General, Jeniffer Chaplin. Mrs. Chaplin is a Brazilian-American English teacher in Saitama married to a South African. Having spent most of her adult life in various countries including the U.S., China, France, South Africa, and Japan, Jeniffer can be labelled as a global citizen with extensive exposure in a variety of cultures and languages. Jeniffer graduated from Gordon College in Massachusetts with a Bachelor degree in French and Mandarin Chinese, and received her Masters degree in Business Administration from Doshisha Business School in Kyoto in 2019.

Mrs. Chaplin is eager to assist the SACCJ in building a strong and long-lasting Japanese-African connection. 


The South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan was established in 2008 to promote trade and commerce as well as enhance friendship and cultural understanding between the two nations. The SACCJ strives to be a reliable first point of contact for businesses and individuals related to South Africa in Japan, and to provide our members with access to a wealth of information and contacts to assist in their projects, ventures and businesses.



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