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[URGENT] South Africans Voting - Register by tomorrow!

12 Mar 2019 10:11 | Katsura Ogishima (Administrator)

Fellow South African,

South Africans living or travelling abroad will be able to cast their votes at one of the 121 foreign missions around the world on Freedom Day, 27 April 2019. 

To vote abroad you need to complete a VEC10 form by 13 March

You will not be able to vote at a diplomatic mission overseas on Saturday, 27 April if you have not submitted a VEC10 form on the IEC's website by 13 March at midnight (UTC+02:00). 

It only takes 2 minutes! 

The VEC10 is an important form that all South Africans abroad will have to submit to the IEC to tell them that they plan to vote overseas and at which voting station they plan to vote. 

Even as submissions of the VEC10 forms continue to be received by the IEC on their website, it is concerning to note that only 16,597 VEC10 forms have been submitted by South Africans to notify the IEC that they intend to vote out of the country. 

This is considerably lower than the voter turnout in 2014 and especially low considering the number of South Africans that live abroad. We know it isn't easy to vote, but we also know that there are hundreds of South Africans living around the world who are eligible to vote, but don't know that they can vote and that they have to complete the VEC10 form. 

Please share this message with your friends and family abroad to ensure they don't miss this unique opportunity to make their voices heard. 

Together, we can build One South Africa for All but this starts with voting for an honest and caring government. 

Please note: 

  • If you registered abroad to vote, you must still complete the VEC10 form
  • If you completed a VEC10 form in a previous election, you must complete it againin order to vote in the 2019 election. 
  • Finally, in order to vote you must be on the voters’ roll, and must have BOTH a valid SA ID book/temporary ID/smart ID card and an SA passport. You can only vote in person at your nearest South African foreign mission on 27 April. 




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